a factory brand
established in Fukui, Japan

Jackman is a factory brand established in Fukui, Japan, with the soul of Mitsugu Tanabe-Founder of TANABE MERIYASU.

Right after the WWⅡ, his ambition for American baseball drove him to quit his job and build a sewing plant for baseball goods.
With his innate creativity, he invented many new technologies.

The more ostentatious you'd be, the more fulfilling you'd get.

Jackman inherits the technology and the spirit of its origin.
With its one-and-only perverse creation, we will continue to provide our customers with full satisfaction.



In March 1949, Mitsugu Tanabe founded TANABE MERIYASU in Fukui, Japan, starting with 3 knitting machines in a small room. Same year, San Francisco Seals, AAA baseball team from USA, flew in to participate in national friendly matches with Japan. Watching the game, Mitsugu was fascinated by the stockings players were wearing, then began producing new baseball stirrup stockings next year for the first time ever in Japanese history. With his innate creativity, he developed new sewing technologies and machines to accomplish a whole new design of his own and received an award from the Governor of Fukui in 1954 for that effort. Next year he added another award from Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for his contribution to the industrial development in the local area. Meanwhile, the company donated stockings for every player participating in the national championship of high school baseball for 10 consecutive years, and also built a high reputation for the quality of the products.After receiving an Invention award from Prince Takamatsu in 1962, the company expanded its development to all kinds of sporting apparels, and became one of the suppliers of the official training wears of the Japan National team for Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.




Founder Mitsugu Tanabe's yearning for American baseball drove him to produce stockings. Being fanatic about the sport, he expanded the production to uniforms and gloves. His desire and admiration to the game of baseball still remain in our field of manufacturing today.

創業者 田辺貢が憧れたアメリカンベースボール。当初はストッキングだけの製造でしたが野球狂であった貢は、その後ユニフォームやグラブの製造まで手掛けていきます。そして、その憧れは現在のモノ作りにも受け継がれています。



Jackman's sewing plant now has over 60 years history. It has the modern machineries as well as old, but specialized sewing machines such as “Union Special” and “REECE” with repairs over the time within the site. The beautiful double welt pockets and the neck tape preventing neck stretches have been achieved in its long history.




Regardless of oppositions around him, he resigned from his position as a government officer to found a company. Although many knitting companies withdrew from the industry then, his perverse character helped him to break through all the negative expectations and established the cornerstones of the company today.




Mitsugu established a system enabling customers-teams to order their own designs and colors of their choice. His strong desire to provide full satisfaction to the customers created the idea of “custom-made” and still lives as a legacy. Starting from Fall 2014, we repair all products manufactured by our own factory which have minor sewing failure under normal use condition without any fees. We would like our customers to use their beloved products for a long time by this service, and we hope to provide them with full satisfaction.





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